Lace ‘Em Up for Libby

Lace ‘Em Up for Libby - Jan 29, 2019

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584 W Central Avenue
Davidsonville, MD


5PM – 10PM (kitchen closes at 9PM)
Reservations encouraged: 410-798-8700
Special Menu for $25 ($10 donated from each meal)
Contacts: Lisa Anderson 443-306-3669 or Mike Anderson 410-212-4624


On Friday October 12th, 13 year-old Libby Goodwin went for an MRI to diagnose the cause of consistent headaches. She was admitted that night to Johns Hopkins Children’s Center for suspicious rain lesions. The next week, Libby had brain surgery. Libby tackled surgery like a champ, however, her diagnosis was Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG), a rare and aggressive brain cancer. After surgery, the next step in her battle was 6 weeks of radiation. Again, Libby handled this intense treatment like a true fighter! Libby had planned on healing from radiation to begin a clinical trial. Unfortunately, this plan changed quickly as she was admitted to the hospital this week due to pain; a result of the cancer spreading to her pelvis and other areas. Not to be discouraged, she is in-patient for a week and half of chemotherapy and radiation.

We locked arms in November 2018 for a 5K and created the “Lace Em Up for Libby” team. Libby did the 5K, only 3 weeks after brain surgery! She’s amazing! We want to continue giving Libby and  the Goodwin family support to be as strong as possible throughout this journey. Libby is excited to be the guest of honor at the “Lace ‘Em Up for Libby” Killarney House fundraiser. The fundraiser will provide funds to help offset the expenses that these much-needed treatments bring.


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